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Next week, on Janualy 29 and 30, 2013 we will have the free days of Empath Basics, Second Edition. It is the kindle version. It can be downloaded here:

Empath Basics Book

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I´m not a big fan of blogging. Everything I have to say can be said in the community where it can generate an interesting conversation. ButI will give it a try.

First, if you are reading this, I want to wish you a happy New Year. This 2013 is bringing many changes to the site and I am excited.

We left the year of the Dragon in the Chinese horoscope and we are heading toward the year of the Snake. We will change the skin and reveal a new face. We will make changes and be a bit more selfish that we usually are. We will also be happier. The snake has those attributes and some more. Lets see how it goes.

Some know that the store was Mike´s idea, not mine. I wanted to make the commercial side of Empath Zone into something connected to publishing. Empath Basics now is in Amazon, what is a start. But I want to keep also the older free version available for those who can´t afford the 99 cents, or do not have access to electronic payment methods.

I will work on the store some more too. I am a firm believer in being independent and farming some of our food at home; but still thre are many things that make our life easier, like essential oils, herbs or stones.

The community is and will be always non profit. Friendship and money don´t blend that well. But I did notice in this journey that when my basic needs are covered, the energy of the site is better and everyone is stronger.

So I guess I will have to learn from the year of the Snake how to be a bit more selfish so I can help more.

What can you expect from these posts? Random rambling apparently. :D

Love and light,
Sandra :)

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