Here is my story.

I have always been a Highly Sensative Person. I could never watch violence on tv, see people treating others badly ,or watch cruelty to animals. In 2012 I had my spiritual awakening with the birth of my daughter, and it was then I became a full blown Empath. I have spent the last 3 years learning everything I can about Empaths and spiritual journeys. In the middle of 2014 I created my own Empath Protection Bracelet to help shield me from others emotions, while keeping my own for myself. It worked!! It worked so well, others began to notice my new energy and asked what I have been doing? Leading me to realize I could heal, help and support other Empaths through my own discovery. In February of 2015, AtPeaceInHarmony was born on Etsy and has been a blessing for me ever since.

Here are some samples. The first is my original Empath Protection Bracelet, the second is a Grounding Bracelet made of Hematite, and the third is my Enlightenment and Wisdom necklace. All made from natural gemstones and positive intention.

Empath Protection Bracelet

Grounding Bracelet

Enlightenment and Wisdom necklace


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